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Business Start-up Success In 21 Days

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Delivered over four Webinars on the Zoom platform
Day 1 - “Your Business Idea, Success and You” - Part 1 - Webinar on Tuesday 3/11/20 6 pm - 7 pm
• Who is Matthew, and how can he help me?
• Your objectives and the cunning plan
• The business cycle what to watch for and your skills sets
• The ‘A’ Team of support, and is this for you?

Day 7 - “Finding Your Market and Selling To It” - Part 2 - Webinar on Tuesday 10/11/20 6 pm-7 pm
• Researching your market
• The sales generation tool
• Segmentation and pipelines
• How to use them to convert and close sales, on and offline promotions and how to start a successful business

Day 14 - “Getting Buy For Your Idea In and Finance” - Part 3 - Webinar on Tuesday 17/11/20 6 pm-7 pm
• The art of pricing
• Self-image
• The magic of how to do a cashflow
• Start-Up Loans, bank finance, factoring, crowdfunding, leasing
• When you are ready to start

Day 21 - “Making This Reality” - Part 4 - Webinar on Tuesday 24/11/20 6 pm-7 pm
• Insurance
• Employing staff
• Successful business plans
• Business types sole trader, limited or CIC
• Working from home or premises
• Terms of trade
• Business name and brand
• CSR, values
• Taxes and how they affect you


24 Tachwedd 2020, 18:00 - 19:00
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Cost: Am ddim


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