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The SME Cluster

The mission of any Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is to find new and exciting business opportunities in order to sell their goods and services. SME Cluster is a collaborative community of businesses which aims to provide an easy-to-access and reliable platform for our customers to submit opportunities, contracts and services that can increase the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. The Cluster will encourage cooperation between its members in order to coordinate a collective action - such as joint bidding on contracts which may require multiple specialities or may simply be too big for one business to handle. We will also ensure that you are kept up to date on news and events that match up with your interests and goals.

Membership is open to any organisation from any sector; ideally those with a product or service to offer within the manufacturing or process industries.  Members are encouraged to do business with each other and share information and skills for the common good; creating a solid foundation of B2B support.

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The SME Cluster
Waterton Technology Centre
Waterton Industrial Estate
CF31 3WT
United Kingdom: Wales

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