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ateb Group Ltd

ateb Group Ltd is a housing provider whose purpose is to create better living solutions for the people and communities of West Wales.

We believe that better living starts with a place that we can call home.

A home is more than just a house; it’s a safe, stable, secure environment from which people can live their lives. Not everyone can achieve this without help,  we will create a variety of solutions to help and support people and communities to make more homes.

This means that we must find creative ways of;

  • Responding to housing need.
  • Helping people to maintain their tenancy.
  • Support communities to build capacity and be self-sufficient.
  • Regenerate communities through social, economic, environmental and physical programmes.
  • Help older and vulnerable people to stay in their homes and communities where their lifestyles change.

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ateb Group Ltd
Meyler House
St Thomas Green
SA61 1QP
United Kingdom: Wales

01437 774764
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