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BioInnovation Wales

BioInnovation Wales provides high-level training aimed at the Agri-Food and Biotech sectors. Training is delivered on-line with optional workshops, where appropriate. Courses can be taken as CPD or built towards a range of postgraduate qualifications.

BioInnovation Wales intends to enhance innovation and productivity of Welsh biotech and food companies and to improve their associated supply chains. This will be achieved by addressing the ‘complementary problems’ of:

  • High level and technical skills shortages in bio-based businesses; and
  • Under-utilisation of graduates in Wales

BioInnovation Wales is geared towards enhancing the workforce's ability to embrace the circular economy and to innovate!

Event organiser

BioInnovation Wales
Room 1.27
Stapledon Building
SY23 3EE
United Kingdom: Wales

01970 622245
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