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GHL Sourcing Ltd

GHL Sourcing Limited is a sourcing agent based in South Wales who are the starting point for customers who want to source products from Asia. 

We have been involved in sourcing for over 15 years and have an extensive range of factories that we work with. We work with you to innovate your product and ensure you get the best design, the best packaging and the best delivery options available. 

We are happy to work with any size of customer. Our clients have ranged from large high street retailers to solo innovators. We can cover a multitude of sourcing possibilities from small batch, bespoke item orders to full ranges of products depending on what the customer needs. We can help you at any stage of product development. Whether you’re looking to change an established product to a new supplier or if you have the seed of an idea that you’d like to develop further.

As a company we pride ourselves on being more than just a sourcing company. We use our experience and drive to help innovate your product, streamline the process and, ultimately, save you money.

Please see our website for additional information or contact us directly on info@ghlsourcing.com

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GHL Sourcing Ltd
The Gate Business Centre
Keppoch Street
CF24 3JW
United Kingdom: Wales

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