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Talent Lab

Talent Lab is a learning and development partnership for public, private and community enterprise in Wales, UK and beyond.

Our passion is learning. Learning is growth, it’s an investment talent and we’re dedicated to making fantastic learning opportunities available that will help you better understand yourself and others to achieve great outcomes. We design and deliver vital learning that will help you grow both as an organisation and as an individual.

We also design bespoke activities and events tailored to your unique organisational needs so that the right training is delivered at the right time and at the right cost.

As well as delivering our own bespoke training and networking events, we are also working with external business partners and trainers to bring in world class speakers and educationalists to provide the absolute best in learning and development opportunities.

If you too provide top notch learning to grow employee talent and are looking to work in partnership, we'd like to hear from you.

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Talent Lab
Monmouthshire County Council
Wales 102, Wales 1 Business Park
NP26 3DG
United Kingdom: Wales

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