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Adding Value to a Competitive Tendering Process


Cost: Free

When tendering having strong sustainability and equality & diversity credentials can give your business the edge over competitors. Many tenders now place stringent equality, welsh language, community and environmental obligations on suppliers and contractors, and these elements are scored much like the quality, cost and technical element.  Having accredited management systems, policies, procedures and robust credentials and operating practices in place can make all the difference in winning work.

This workshop will support you to implement Sustainability and Equality & Diversity best practice into your business operations, helping you to comply with the requirements of the new Future Generation Act.

Even if you don’t plan to tender this workshop will help you look at how responsible business practice can support your marketing proposition.  You will explore how a commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability can help you to build trust with your customers, suppliers and staff.   The course aims to help you prepare for changes, opportunities and challenges and ensures compliant business practice.

  • Help you understand your business’s environmental and sustainability impacts, and how to manage, improve and communicate them for reputational benefit and competitive advantage
  • Help you to manage and reduce risk to your business and the wider environment
  • Help you to prepare the documentation, and to implement the management techniques requires to satisfy the Environmental & Sustainability elements of tenders
  • Provide an introduction to accredited Environmental Management Systems
  • Help you to draft a Sustainability Policy, Aspects Register Improvement Plan, the building blocks of any management system
  • Help you to consider your equality and diversity responsibilities, in line with the Equality Act 2010;
  • Help you to clearly communicate your commitment and intentions, through a robust and accurate Equality and Diversity Policy; demonstrating your commitment to creating an inclusive, adaptable and diverse workforce.
  • Help you to, not only comply with current legislation but to develop your understanding of the value of a diverse workforce, ultimately leading to raised morale, motivation, improved work performance, attracting and retaining staff and creating a wider client/customer appeal.
  • Help you to implement a robust structure to manage and monitor equality and diversity, including how you monitor effectiveness and addresses equality issues and challenges.

Dates and venues

22 October 2018, 10:00 - 16:30
Bangor University, Neuadd Reichel, Bangor, LL57 2TR

Cost: Free

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