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The Purpose of such a detailed registration is:-

  • To gather information for presentation to the Panel members in advance of the meeting.
  • To ensure that the Surgery Candidate has thought about what they expect from the meeting and their intent.

In addition to the Contact details, the Questions are:-

  1. Please explain what you wish to discuss with the Surgery Panel.
  2. Please give a brief Company Description
  3. What is The Challenge you are addressing?
  4. What is the Project Idea?
  5. What is the opportunity?
  6. What are the Partners or Resources that you need for this project?
  7. If you have a contact in the Welsh Government, for example an Account Manager or an Innovation Specialist, please enter them below.

The Answers

  • The detail should be adequate and clear.
  • Bullet Points or numbered lists are helpful to the Candidate in writing and also the Panellist in reading.
  • Short Words and Short Sentences are helpful in presentation.

Frequently it is helpful to prepare the Answers in a Word Processor beforehand and then copy and paste into the Registration Page. This avoids issues with the web page timing out.

The Registration process is in 4 steps. Closing the browser prior to completing the process will not register your details.

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