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Kickstart for Retail


Cost: Free

A 4 week series of events designed to supercharge retail businesses in Caerphilly. Ideal for businesses that are starting up or established, or looking to grow.


Starting 17th June, taking place every Monday from 10am - 12noon. We'll cover a different topic each week helping you to:

  • Save time on admin, bookkeeping and business processes
  • Learn how you can maximise stop control and optimise cash flow
  • Increase sales with great impact at point of sale
  • Supercharge your service to win and retain more clients


This series of workshops is ideal for business owners, managers or supporting staff who are keen to grow the business. Informative but informal - a small group with only 6 spaces, you'll get the opportunity to ask questions about your own business and get specific help on how you can make changes to your business.


Delivered by a different speaker each week who has expertise in their field.

Dates and venues

24 June 2024, 10:00 - 12:00
Ffos Market, Caerphilly, CF83 1FN

Cost: Free

Looking to work on your administrative skills? Our admin workshop is an informal and instructive workshop tailored to anyone who is looking to grow their business and enhance their efficiency in managing and optimising back end systems.


Learn from admin experts Cariann Emanuelli and Laura Parry as they cover essential systems, organisation, maintenance and troubleshooting common issues.


Through this workshop, you'll gain the practical knowledge needed to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently - ideal for anyone looking to improve their administration expertise.


Empowering you to take control of your back end operations and drive your business's success, join us to master the tools and techniques that keep your systems robust and reliable!

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1 July 2024, 10:00 - 12:00
Ffos Market, Caerphilly, CF83 1FN

Cost: Free

Ready to elevate your customer service to new heights? Discover the secrets to providing an unparalleled service and outshining your competitors! Our workshop offers simple yet proven tips to assist you in fostering lasting connections with your valued customers.


Join us and unlock the tools to set yourself apart in today's competitive market. Remember, exceptional customer service is paramount to building trust and loyalty, ultimately driving business success. Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionise your approach to customer service and establish a reputation for excellence.


Enrol now and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success in customer relations.

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8 July 2024, 10:00 - 12:00
Ffos Market, Caerphilly, CF83 1FN

Cost: Free

Join us for an intensive workshop designed to elevate your stock control skills and streamline your inventory management processes.


In this session, you'll learn the best practices for maintaining optimal stock levels, minimising costs, and maximising efficiency.


Our experienced business coach, Philippe Mele, will guide you through real-world scenarios and practical tools that you can apply to your own business.


Whether you're new to stock control or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, this workshop will provide you with the insights and strategies needed to achieve superior inventory management.


Don't miss this opportunity to boost your operational efficiency and drive your business's success!

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We reserve the right to cancel or amend the timings of these sessions at any point up to the stated start time of the session.
Delegates may also cancel their booking at any time by following the link in their confirmation email.
Delegates are responsible for ensuring that they can access the web site where the training is delivered and for any and all charges incurred during attendance at the session.
The delegate acknowledges that all course material, program material or copies thereof are and will remain the property of the training provider and are subject to copyright. It is expressly agreed that neither the delegate nor their sponsoring organisation will copy the whole or any part of those materials without the written consent of the training provider.
The training provider accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the use of the EMS by the delegate or their sponsoring organisation as a result of their participation in the training and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising to the delegate, their sponsoring organisation or any third parties howsoever that loss or damage arises (save that this provision will not exclude liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of the training provider).
No variation to these conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing between the authorised representatives of the training provider and the delegate and/or their sponsoring organisation. The delegate and their sponsoring organisation acknowledge that these terms and conditions supersede any written or verbal communication.
Permission to Use Testimonial, Photograph and/or Video Images
I grant permission to Town Square Spaces Ltd, its representatives and employees, the right to use my testimonial and/or to take photographs and/or video images of me which may be used with or without my name for any lawful purpose, including publicity, illustration, advertising and Web content.
I agree to waive any right to and demand for compensation or other consideration for said rights. No promises have been made to me in exchange for my signature below.
I hereby release Town Square Spaces Ltd, its representatives and employees, from any and all claims for damages, libel, slander, invasion of the right of privacy, or any other claim based on the use of said testimonial, photographs and/or video image.
Exhibitors Health and Safety
We take our responsibility, as laid out in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, very seriously and it is vital that our Exhibitors do the same. The Health & Safety at Work Act embraces the Exhibition and Conference venues as places of work. As an exhibitor, it is essential that you are aware of your obligations of the Act.
These responsibilities are to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees and any plant, article, substance or system of work, which may be used, are safe and without risk to health.
This includes that all employees and contractors employed by you are provided with information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health & safety of themselves and others working, or present, in the vicinity by what they do or fail to do. Main areas which you must give due thought and consideration to before and during your time on site are:
There is an important need to keep walkways clear during build-up/breakdown and throughout the Expo open day.
Only acceptable substances are allowed on-site and full compliance with the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulation is required.
Ensure portable power equipment is only used for the purpose for which it is designed, with safety guards and devices fitted and used. Power leads must be kept to a minimum and not cross walkways. Power requirements must not overload the systems. Such equipment must never be left unattended with power supplied to it. Please do not create a floor hazard at any time.
Exhibitors Terms and Conditions
Any sale or supply of alcohol at the show must be agreed in advance and licensed by the venue. Selling alcohol for consumption at the show is not permitted. Please note that there should be no consumption of alcohol during build up and breakdown. Contact hello@townsq.co.uk to discuss any alcohol requirements.
Noise levels & music system
Music and commentary for demonstrations, videos, presentations etc., using music systems such as a Public Address (PA) or AV Equipment etc would require authorisation. Exhibitors must ensure the sound is kept to an acceptable level (below 80 decibels from the edge of the stand) and does not disturb adjacent exhibitors. In case of dispute, the Show Management’s decision will be final. Contact hello@townsq.co.uk to discuss any demonstration requirements.
Distribution of promotional material & demos
Exhibitors may only conduct business and distribute literature from within their stand, not in the walkways or outside of the Expo. All activities and demonstrations (e.g. the operation of machines, video and film shows etc.) must be reported in the exhibitor’s Risk Assessment prior to the event and have the approval of the Operations team. Contact hello@townsq.co.uk to discuss any demonstration requirements.

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