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Transport for Wales - Find out how you can engage with our new supply chain platform


Cost: Free

In order to help us deliver and grow a diverse and sustainable supply chain, we’re planning a series of interactive virtual TfW Supply Chain Platform events to ensure we’re collaborating together and addressing topical themes that will help your organisation work with Transport for Wales  and provide a platform for you to engage with us and ask questions.

We want to ensure that we’re engaging with a diverse supply chain, and how you can access the opportunities that are available for you. Information on work packages can be found in the additional pages- section and on the TfW project page on the Sell2Wales portal.

Each Supply Chain Platform event will cover different themes and the first five are shown below. Our supply chain will then help shape future themes with which they feel they require extra support.  

Business Wales  and Sell2Wales will be supporting the event and provide advice for bidding as well as general and specialist business advice

The duration of each event will be 1½ hours to cover the following:

  • Sell2Wales Tour               - 10 mins
  • TfW Theme                      - 40 mins
  • External Support              - 10 mins
  • Engage through Q&A        - 30 mins




We’re a not-for-profit company that is wholly owned by the Welsh Government.  We provide support and expertise to the Welsh Government and other key stakeholders on all transport-related infrastructure, including but not limited to the South Wales Metro. We’re one of the delivery elements of the Welsh Government's vision for delivering a transformational, integrated transport system in Wales, providing high-quality, safe, affordable and sustainable transport for all.

Upcoming exchanges


How to demonstrate health and safety competence in tenders

15.00 - 17.00, 16 September 2020

Health and safety is a vital section in many of our tenders and, sometimes a criteria some potential suppliers struggle to achieve.

Using a real life example, this session will provide attendees with insight to help tenderers with their submissions in the future.

  • How we score our health and safety questions
  • The mistakes made by some suppliers
  • Our Golden Rules of tendering



How to demonstrate sustainable value in tenders

11.00 - 13.00, 12 November 2020

We have a sustainable procurement approach to tenders and, as a result, the supply chain is scored against sustainable criteria that is relevant to the scope.

This session will touch on examples of sustainable value and how to embed this into  tenders.

  • Well-being of Future Generations Act
  • Code of Practice Ethical Employment in the supply chain
  • Community Engagement
  • Other social/sustainable value initiatives



How to engage with our delivery partners

10.00 -12:00, 29 January 2021

There are a number of opportunities that will not come directly from TfW. 

We have some key Tier 1 delivery partners where the opportunities exist through their scope of works.

Each of our delivery partners will explain how you can engage and connect with their respective companies after initial registration with Sell2Wales, and what opportunities currently exist in their pipeline of works.

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Siemens
  • Alun Griffiths
  • BAM Nuttall
  • Amey



TfW innovation challenges and how to respond

11.00 -13.00, 12 March 2021

We’re keen to understand how the supply chain can contribute to potential solutions to our challenges. 

This session is for us to communicate what our current challenges are and how you can engage and respond to these challenges.

  • Digital transformation
  • Infrastructure



Collaboration through TfW Supplier Exchange portal

11.00 - 13.00, 7 May 2021

We understand the value a collaboration can bring. However, there needs to be a consideration of time required to form a collaboration and how you need to respond in tenders.  A TfW Supplier Exchange portal has been set up to help our supply chain partners collaborate with each other to understand other businesses strengths and challenges, with a view of forming partnerships where appropriate that benefits all parties.

We’re keen to understand how the supply chain can contribute to potential solutions to our challenges. 

This session is for us to communicate what our current challenges are and how you can engage and respond to these challenges.

  • Pipeline
  • Challenges
  • Collaboration in tendering
  • TfW Supplier Exchange portal








12 March 2021, 11:00 - 13:00
Online event

Cost: Free

TfW innovation challenges and how to respond

7 May 2021, 11:00 - 13:00
Online event

Cost: Free

Collaboration through TfW Supplier Exchange portal

Special Conditions


Adequate employers and public liability insurance.

Professional indemnity for any design packages

CSCS cards

SSIP/CHAS accreditation

Construction line

Site supervisors to be SSSTS / SMSTS

All sub-contractors will need to be registered with Construction Line Gold in order to work directly with Transport for Wales 

Please ensure that you have the required IT kit available- i.e. laptop/mobile with audio and video conferencing capability (see Microsoft Team Guide below)


For the way Business Wales handles your information, see here. If you book a place on a Business Wales or Welsh Government event, we may use the information you provide to offer you personalised or local services, to notify you of changes to our service, to ask your opinions and to help us to improve our services.

Websites that we link to are likely to have Terms and Conditions that are different from ours. Do not assume that our Terms and Conditions apply to other websites.

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