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To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to grow. In order to grow, they need to develop leaders.

Effective management, strong leadership and exceptional client care are the cornerstones that underpin successful organisations yet all too often these critical elements are neglected.

Who are the leaders in your organisation? Do they inspire and set the example to others?

Businesses need to constantly develop staff in order to grow stronger and gain leverage over competitors. It is no longer enough for CEO’s, business executives, lawyers, accountants, finance professionals and their support staff to rely solely on technical know–how. It is essential that they have strong leadership and management skills. Much like a sports team, businesses need to be nurtured, coached and given fresh strategies to help them climb the ladder of success.

The Challenge Summit seeks to showcase the synergies between the competitive sporting arena and the corporate business world. We have engaged high profile speakers all of whom have achieved elite status in their chosen sporting careers and gone on to be equally successful in their business careers. Each speaker will share their personal story, be candid about the challenges they have faced and how they have conquered their fears and setbacks and have gone on to achieve ultimate success.

The day will be a great opportunity to look creatively at how you can develop your business and give you a fresh approach to how you will create a vision for the future. The day is designed to be as relevant to an entrepreneur as it would be to a team of business executives.

Tap into the mindset of an elite athlete and learn how performing at the highest level can be applied to develop new, innovative strategies to take your business forward.


Continued Professional Development – continually seek to improve your leadership and management skills. (The summit has secured CPD accreditation.

The Summit will inspire you to be a winner – Sean Fitzpatrick says ‘Winning is Fun!’

The Summit will challenge you to step back, reflect and re-invent yourself.

The Summit will teach new, innovative strategies to equip you to take your business forward.

The Summit will provide an opportunity to network.

The Summit will also provide a first of its kind opportunity for elite sportsmen and woman approaching the end of their careers to engage with and learn from those who have successfully made the transition from sport to business.

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