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Dŵr Uisce

Dŵr Uisce (Distributing our Water Resources: Utilising Integrated, Smart and low-Carbon Energy) is a research project between Bangor University and Trinity College Dublin that focuses on energy recovery in water services. The team has extensive experience in energy technology, environmental impact assessments, climate change and business collaboration. The project runs until Sept 2021, and we are supported through the Ireland-Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.

Our Objective

Improving the efficiency of water distribution in Ireland and Wales is at the core of the project ethos. This will be achieved by developing new low carbon, energy-saving technologies and services. We will trial energy recovery technologies at several demonstration sites in both countries before being launched on the market. We will build a capacity for innovation in the water industry through our cluster of organisations interested in sustainability in the water-energy nexus. We also use our internal print newsletter and e-newsletter to publicise the phenomenal work that the chamber’s members continue to accomplish. You can find out more and contact us through our website or twitter feed.

What we offer

We wish to share our expertise and knowledge, as well as open up our network of experts to businesses in Wales. During this project we will be running a series of events (workshops, exhibitions, networking events and conferences) to develop a water-energy smart specialisation cluster in Wales that will promote efficiency measures in water and energy so that your business can make financial savings and is prepared for a sustainable future. We work closely with water and energy experts to provide the most up to date technologies and services that can support your business in achieving energy and water savings.

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